Based on the principles of Attachment Theory, this book can give you insight on why you act the way you do in certain relationships. There is also a quiz inside to help you understand your attachment type. Buy Now on Amazon

The Field

This book explains how we are all connected to all things in the universe. Like a violin string, the energy that we vibrate at affects all in the universe. This book really made me think about how, even though I am small, my impact cannot resonate ways I may not ever see. Buy Now on

The Tao of Poo

The Tao of Poo relates the principles of Taoism to the characters with in the Winnie the Poo stories. Taking a different perspective on how we live our lives and play out different roles, this book provides a relatable vision of the principles of Taoism in a fun book. Buy Now on Amazon

Never Enough

Written by a recovering behavioral neuroscientist, this book is facinating with a peek into the different effects of various drugs and the neurochemical interactions they play out on in the brain. Buy Now from Amazon

The 5 Love Languages

I have utilized this book in my own understanding of relationships. This is a great resource to understand how we communicate our love or how others communicate their love to us. The 5 Love Languages offers several easy quizes here. Buy the book to go deeper into the 5 love languages to understand what they